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Swarmed by the Proud Mursi tribe By Jackie Chase

Mangled pieces of the bridge lay visible on the river bottom. A construction worker yelled something in foreign words, which my driver […]

The Maasai: Up To Date Notes From Olorogwa

 I fell in love with the Maasai the first time I came across them whilst travelling across the endless plains of Serengeti. […]

Need Help To Do An Expedition?

Have you always nurtured a dream doing an Expedition that will change your life for the better? An Expedition that will create […]

Walking for Water: A Philanthropic Pilgrimage By Charlie Uldahl Christensen

This  is an invitation to participate in creating a new concept, a concept that in the best case scenario might have the […]

A Journey By Bicycle Can Make A Big Difference By Kate and Mick James

A random act of kindness by a Zambian schoolteacher in a village way off the beaten track in Africa (Ngoli village in […]

The Somali love of ‘rude’ nicknames By Justin Marozzi

In the West, people tend not to call their friends and colleagues nicknames that pick on negative physical traits. But in Somalia, […]

Jason Lewis: Excerpt from his new book Seed Buried Deep

Highway 50, Pueblo, Colorado. September 10, 1995 A mile up the road from where I lay, legs horribly broken, a battered Nissan […]

South Sudan; Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher reporting from Juba

Global media deems South Sudan as one of the most unsafe places on earth right now. My very good friend, Julian Monroe […]

How to travel to Africa without being another neocolonialist By Richard Stupart

“You come here with your laptop computers, your malaria medicine and your little bottles of hand sanitizer and think you can change […]

Nelson Mandela; Interview by Lorie Karnath

As Nelson Mandela lingers in a South African hospital, the world reflects on the tremendous legacy of this man, who so valiantly […]

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