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23 essential items for adventuring

Even if the Bushmen of the Kalahari used to go hunting and gathering for months at a time with pretty much only […]

Expedition – how to do a documentary

I have done three documentaries and look forward to doing a forth. God knows when this will become reality! But, the other […]

Guest writer # 20 Carin Kiphart

I met Carin and her husband Ridlon at a lecture I had at The Explorers Club in New York back in 2006. […]

What constitutes an Expedition?

What is a proper Expedition? Are there any guidelines? It is a question which comes up for air more often than ever. […]

Guest writer # 18 David Renwick Grant

I first came across this extra ordinary fellow called David Renwick Grant back in 1996 when I was planning my Patagonian trip […]

Explorer Mikael Strandberg to support launch of Kensington’s new Expedition Series

PRESS RELEASE! WORLD FAMOUS EXPLORER JOINS KENSINGTON TOURS AS EXPLORER-IN-RESIDENCE Mikael Strandberg to support launch of Kensington’s new Expedition Series A professional […]

Nutrition on Expedition

My friend Nick Gallop, who has written one of my guest writer columns, sent me an interesting query about nutrition on Expeditions. It is a very interesting question, […]

The Arabian Expedition….

I continue to get loads of emails asking what happened with the Arabian Expedition? Well, the very good news is that we […]

Bonobo – the love monkey

I first heard about our closest relative, the bonobo, whilst reading a book written by an extra ordinary writer, and a friend, […]

Kisangani Today 2010, formerly Stanleyville

We flew into Kisangani by a small air craft from MAF piloted by one of the organisations great characters. Jon Cadd have […]

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