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Opinion; What Do You Seek?

Julian Monroe Fisher´s article Exploring Beyond A Culture Of Contest has received a lot of attention among other explorers. Most agree with […]

Expedition Extreme Cold, Travelling with Reindeer; The challenging preparations

When you read this, we are hopefully in Siberia. The whole family of four. It could well be a surprise to most […]

Orthodox Christmas makes life complicated, more kit arriving

Temperatures: Malmö 9 degrees Celsius (48.2 F) Yakutsk -48 degrees Celsius (54.4 F) Verkhoyansk -49 degrees Celsius (56.2 F) There s certainly a degree of stress being created at this precise moment! Of course, the Russian Orthodox Christmas isn…

5 freezing books to read over Christmas

Christmas is a time when becoming an armchair explorer is preferable to the real deal! For me it will be the only vacation […]

Peter Forsskal, explorer, Linneus apostle, natural scientist and advocate of freedom of expression

The Worst Journey In The World by Apsley Cherry Garrard is by many, especially English speakers, rated as the best book on […]

South Pole Ponies The Forgotten Story of Antarctica’s Meat-Eating Horses, part 2

CuChullaine O´Reilly is one of these personalities which there´s far too few of on earth today. Independent minded, highly intelligent and heads […]

5 most complete travel books ever

What constitutes the perfect travel book? Yesterday I started packing for a small outing in the mountains that I will tell you about later […]

Voices of Exploration – Basha O´Reilly

Voices of Exploration – An ever-expanding database of exclusive monthly interviews with the world’s leading explorers. Regardless of where we were born, […]