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Opinion; The challenge of Expedition translators and fixers By Arita Baajiens

Translators and fixers who mess up your expedition, it’s not something explorers and expedition leaders like to remind themselves of once the […]

Arita Baaijens – Voices of Exploration Interview

Voices of Exploration – An ever-expanding database of exclusive monthly interviews with the world’s leading explorers. Regardless of where we were born, […]

Adventure: A Man’s World? by Jeanie Davison

The article Can female explorers save us from extinction? is one of the most read blog articles I have written and it […]

Arita Baaijens, ‘He’s gone, the Pharao is gone!”

After the revolution  – Sunday 20 feb 2011, Cairo by Arita Baaijens ‘He’s gone, the Pharao is gone,’ I shouted when I […]

Articles for Explorers Web

  Lately, with the readership doubling, mainly new readers from the U.S (USA and Alaska has passed Sweden as number one in […]

Exploration: an outdoor activity or what?

I basically begged my favorite female explorer Arita Baaijens to write an article about her thoughts of exploration. And she delivered another great piece […]

The greatest ocean rower ever

Since I published two extremely well read articles about the dire straits of an explorers life, the One meeting Arita, and the […]

Guest writer # 28 on Ethical Exploration

The last month I have almost doubled my readership. Especially from the UK and USA, but also Spain and Chile. I am […]

GUEST WRITER #6 Arita Baaijens on Female Leadership in the Desert

Guest writer number 6, Arita Baaijens, has been very helpful when it comes to advice on all topics regarding the desert. Once […]