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Extreme Cold Series: The layer system and Fur or high tech yarns

As soon as extreme temperatures and wild weather hits especially the US, I get a lot of questions as regards to how […]

Extreme Cold Series: How To Dress

Winter is quickly moving in. -15 degrees Celsius and a fierce wind makes life a bit more challenging. The US ar expecting […]

Extreme cold series: 3 videos which might make a difference

The temperature is -15 degrees Celsius, a bit of a fierce wind bites the skin and winter has just started. The prognosis […]

Extreme cold; 5 tips how to deal with it

Right now I am getting many emails on this topic of extreme cold and to help those who have now time to […]

Extreme cold. How To Dress?

Extreme cold. How To Dress?  As quick as there is a cold draft in the US or a threat of a cold winter, […]

Atikamekw Snowshoe Expedition February 2014 By Bert Poffé and Kiki Nárdiz

In the midst of the punishing Canadian winter, we, Bert Poffé and Kiki Nárdiz set out on an adventure through Atikamekw territory […]

Extreme cold; Choice of clothes in Polar areas such as the Arctic and Antarctica

The last day of the year. Another year soon to come. The year of 2013. And I am thinking about extreme cold. […]

Polar Bear Necessities by Jim McNeill

A tweet from BBC said: Polar Bear Kills British Tourist in Arctic! “How and where?” I thought and quickly read the article. […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Saamis and Coffee But Were Afraid to Ask

I have always been fascinated with the indigenous people of Scandinavia, the Samí. Today I have many Samí friends and recently I went to […]

The art of living with gnats, mosquitoes and flies

Living in the great outdoor is never really easy. Yes, it is the most fulfilling and freest life possible, but living out […]

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