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Compairing notes with Wilfred Thesiger and his book Arabian Sands

Even though Wilfred Thesiger did his great camel journeys between the years of 1945-50, experiences from which he based his classic book, […]

5 books about the Middle East Mitt Romney should read

I am really worried about the Middle East if Mitt Romney ends up being the next American president. For anyone involved in […]

The challenge of making a documentary in Yemen

I just saw a half an hours documentary produced by PBS and Frontline  called “Al Qaeda in Yemen”. I was asked by a […]

Expedition Yemen; Extreme Heat and the Bedu

“I just feel cheated all the time” , I said to the camera slightly upset, at the same time as we walked […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Mission accomplished!

“This will be top news here for the coming 10 years!” Sheikh Saleem laughed out loud whilst I was cooking a costumary […]

‘AL-Qaeda’ has no interest in us

AL-Qaeda has no interest in us, therefore they do not exist. Day 17 – July 2 - We made it to an area […]

Three days away from the end of our camel journey

Day 15  On our way again in the desert. Three days away from the end of our camel journey through the desert […]

There is electricity here, satellite television and mobile phones.

Day 9, June 24. It’s 50 degrees Celsius and in the shade, it’s 43 degrees.  We make our way when we have […]

“Can it – the GPS – tell me where water is?”

Day 1 June 16, 2012 – in the middle of nowhere waiting to see if we have camel.  We have camel. Day […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Frustrations and understanding

“We are muslims and we have no fears for the future” , Mohammed said during the interview and continued; “God is great”. […]