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Yemen; The Crossing of Al Mahra

“I have to get out of this heat!” Tanya screamed. “I can’t stand it! I will die out here!”  My thermometer showed […]

An insight into Tribal Yemen, part 2; Expedition Yemen By Camel

”They didn´t target you” , the Sheikh of a Northern province laughed and continued chuckling: ”The shooter hid in the minerat of […]

Explorers Club Flag number 179

This is what The Explorers Club writes about their Flag Award: “The Explorers Club Flag is a symbol of courage and fidelty. […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Ghiardia and a revelation

Ghardia is a disease I really now well.I have had it quite a few times throughout these 25 years as an explorer. […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; the climb to Rub Al Utma

”He is so upset, if you talk to him, he will punch you in the face!” Amin told me, just after half […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Travelling through Wadi Zabid

Walking along or next to a well defined road isn´t really an Expedition. Even though it might be demanding in many ways. […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Leaving Sanaa and buying a camel

***Import update***Mikael asked me (Pamela) to send out this report out as soon as we got internet which is now (17:00 Sanaa time by […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Getting ready to get out of Sanaa!

Tom Finn, Guardians stringer in Sanaa, one of the best, writes just now on Twitter: ”The shelling matches have resumed. Heavy explosions […]

Expedition By Camel; Still no camels in sight!

There’s no water in the tap, we only have electricity from the government a few hours a day and therefore the ways […]

Expedition Yemen by Camel; The beginning

I have just travelled 380 km:s with a camel and two friends from Zabid on the Yemeni Coast to the capital Sanaa. […]