Looking Back: Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Turkey in search of what to do with life 2009

Dubai. A short visit on route to Oman at the end of 2009. Pam and me had met up again after our studies in Yemen and ready to go to Oman, find the money needed (a lot) to be able to buy expensive camels and get the Saudi visa to go from Oman to Mauretania. We had two local bedu ready to join us and a few Omanis ready to help us, especially the very helpful Talib Omar and Sheik Salim hoping to meet the Sultan himself. In the meantime we had a short stop in to say the least, extraordinary Dubai. I wrote this article https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2009/10/27/dubai-paradise-or-not/ 

Oman the end of 2009. Even though we spent almost two months in Oman, we never got that meeting with the Sultan, hoping to get funded by him to do the crossing. And getting the Saudi visa would take years. Camels cost like 20 000 dollars a camel and where not trained to carry gear. It would take maybe a year to train them. So we realized that my dream of crossing from the eastern most tip of Oman to the westernmost tip of Mauretania would not happen. Our bedus, Nasr and Abdullah were as disappointed as us. And we had pretty much sacrifized everything we had to do the journey and now we had nothing. And, at the end of our time in Oman, it turns out that Pam was pregnant! Obviously that was the last nail in the coffin of the Expedition! Another great plan that never happened. But becoming a dad appealed as much! I wrote this piece about the problems involved https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2009/11/19/the-big-waiting-game/ It was not an easy time in life for anyone. What to do now?

In the beginning of 2010, on route back to Sweden for Pam to give birth to what would be a lovely and loved girl called Eva Belquis, we passed Minnesota, New York, Turkey, Oman and Abu Dhabi. It wasn´t the easiest of time with little money, many worries and no ideas about the future, but what we didn´t know then was that the most important of all, as regards to future travels and Expeditions, we knew we wanted to go back to Yemen. I wrote this about our short visit to Abu Dhabi https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2010/02/03/abu-dhabi/

Turkey early 2010. On route home to Sweden after the failed Expedition idea to travel from Oman to Mauretania by Camel, my great friend, the awesome journalist Dogan Tilic set me up for a series of lectures in Turkey and gave us a shelter and lots of love and a very interesting time! I wrote this piece among many https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2010/02/18/cappadocia/ 

Early 2010. My great friend Dogan Tilic set me up to visit Cappadocia and to my great surprise a group of journalists turned up and I was mockingly made Honorary Ambassador for Cappadocia by the guvernor of the area. And I wrote an article about this extraordinary place Read here at https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2010/06/07/cappadocia-one-of-the-most-spectacular-places-on-earth/

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