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The real Expedition is a fart compered to this!

Stockholm early morning, autumn has arrived, it is windy and it has been raining all night, but days are sunny and the […]

Ollie, Jamie, Gunnar, Sam, my brother and Mohammed Asad

Just came back from London and ended up at my brothers house in Dala-Järna. Which is where I am born, bred and […]

Hatred and bitterness

This piece was initially written a year ago in Yemen, but, unfortunately still stands like a fact of life, still today in […]

The pressure is on after a visit to London

This piece is written in great rush and under lots of stress in between airports! But, the thing is, I love it! […]

Arab terms, Arab time – the issue of women

This is a very strenuous time, I hardly get more than a few hours of sleep every night, plagued by thoughts of […]

Rub A-Khali, part two

“I was born in cave”, Bin Hassan told me slowly and calmly when we took a 4 hour break in the middle […]

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