Guidelines for getting articles or comments published

As of the 1st of January 2014 these are the guidelines for getting a chance to get your article or comment published on this site:

  • First of all, this is the most important guideline for you who want to publish your article or comment, you need to know that I want my site to more than anything encourage people to travel and enjoy life in any form.  To feel joy, happiness, possibilities and live life to its fullest. I am not interested in persecuting or attacking people.  This will never ever happen. I am not really interested in controversy or drama, if it is not an historical aspect, like The Long Walk for example. Or an article which deals with the issue of exploration, written by a very well known journalist with many years in journalism with a proven record of decency, accuracy and integrity.
  • The same applies to comments. No hate, no persecution, bitterness, hearsay or indecency.
  • If you are publishing an article about your Expedition, we need you to show proof in the shape of photos, reports, video/film and possibly in some cases, a map created by Contact or similar.
  • I don´t publish articles where some words are linked to commercial enterprises.
  • I don´t do product placement articles if it is not something I have tested and liked or disliked myself.
  • I only publish photographs by the author or I need to know who to credit. Or it has to be Common License images.