I, Mikael Strandberg was born in 1962 in Sweden.

I have to say that I find this idea of having a CV like this makes me uncomfortably embarrassed. It is such a Western thing, just bragging trying to impress others with some at the end of the day completely useless deeds or words. For me words like these below are much more important. For me.

Oh, Mikael!

I really wanted to tell you is that in the last years, when coming to the most forgotten settlements I heard about you from people who live there. No roads, no nothing – and they know about you – somehow, don’t even ask! – and praise you! So, for me these were the moments of the real personal joy – because I know that these people can’t lie. They dont’ care about things like fame and recognition. The mere fact that they love you for who you are, or for the idea of who you are – enlightens my heart and makes me a happier person. You are a great man! We have been in the same places for years and I know what I am saying. People there love you! And for me this matters more than anything else. 

Galya Morrell, explorer, photographer, artist



It was an honor to be with you. Your stories are priceless nuggets of inspirational wisdom. Your utterly sarcastic sense of humor was strangely contagious and kept me always wondering; “He’s joking right?” But ultimately, it was your modesty that really impressed me. It’s clear that these great expeditions are not merely your crazy elaborate plans to feed your ego. I have worked with some insane explorers, particularly National Geographic photographers and one thing many have in common was their enormous ego. It’s refreshing to see you are totally different.

Demiz El Castro, guide Amazonas

BUT, if you are looking for a Western CV, as below:

I started his career as a traveler 34 years ago. He is currently working as a motivational speaker, photographer, writer, tourist guide, blogger and producer of documentaries.

Documentaries in English: (Subtitled)

  • Patagonia – 3,000 kilometres by horse (1997)
  • The Maasai –  1,000 kilometres by foot (2001)
  • -58 degrees – exploring Siberia on skies and canoe (2006)
  • Expedition Yemen 52 degrees in the shade (2013)
  • Frozen Frontier (Director) 2015
  • Man WIth A Pram 2016
  • KARLAG (in postproduction)
  • Man With A Family (2020)

Film Awards.

  • 2016 Best Photography, winner of the Golden Goggles 2016 Yakutsk International Film Festival
  • 2020 Special Award of the Jury at the Golden Raven Film Festival in Anadyr, Chukotka, Russia
  • 2020 Special Award of the Jury at The Yakutsk International film Festival
  • 2021 Best Swedish Documentary at Luleå International Film Festival


  • 1986-1987 Bicycle from Chile to Alaska passing through The Darien Gap.
  • 1989-1992 Bicycle from Norway to South Africa passing through the Sahara Desert.
  • 1994 –1996 Bicycle from New Zealand to Cairo traversing Asia.
  • 1997- 1998 Patagonia by horse through Chile and Argentina.


  • Explorers Club in London awarded Mikael The Determination in the Face of Adversity Medal 2005.
  • The  Travellers Club of Sweden awarded Mikael the Silver Medal in 2006.
  • Travellers Club in Finland awarded Mikael the Mannerheim Medal 2006.

  • Mikael has carried the legendary flag of the Explorers Club 5 times. More than any other Swede. During Expeditions 2006, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2018.

Mikael has been featured in these books in English:

  • TIME Magazine Special Edition 2015. As this book shows, the age of exploration lives on. That spirit is palpable in heroes like Scott Kelly and the others in the book.
  • Faces Of Exploration.  The book features 50 of the most important and famous explorers today, like for example Sir Edmund Hillary, Jane Goddall, Reinhart Messner, Borge Ousland, Wade Davies, George Schaller and many more.
  • The Modern Explorers. 39 of the finest living explorers of today.
  • Adventurous Dreams, Adventurous Lives. 120 outstanding individuals, representing a Who’s Who of international exploration, relating those indelible moments in their youth when the dreams that launched their remarkable lives were born.
  • They Lived To Tell the Tale – True Stories of Modern Adventure from the Legendary Explorers Club. Mikael features the Siberian journey.

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