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  1. To Dear my friend Mikael
    From Mohammad darabi

    I have been thinking about a big and special program, from a long time. I liked to do something that nobody, have done it, that time I thought about my personal benefits, I liked be famous after become honorable for my friends, family and society.

    First of the way was very difficult but I was hopeful, most of the times I was mocked by my around. The only encourager was my little brother and I did the most of the nature promenade with him.
    But what program have been in the world that no body have done it ever?

    In my opinion there is no work in the world that has not been to do. In exception travel to space and discover the unknows . How ever the new records aren`t doable by anybody.
    My body resistance against the coldness and my interest to ice and snow from 2001 made me to go into mountaineering.
    I was looking for a big program till 2005 that I suddenly got acquainted with Bering strait expedition program. That was about passing two adventurers across it with the length of 90 km in winter between Russia and Alaska.

    Troy henkels was come from Alaska. It was very interesting for me, passing across Bering strait and it`s floating ices with sledge in 10 days.
    This adventure was very great and admirable and caused me to become interested for perform it.

    The first correspondence about program performance was with Mr, Dixie Dansercoer and he also welcomed and gave me good information.
    And because of this strait`s strategic situation between USA and Russia he recommend me to perform a expedition to North or South pole.

    The goal was specified, going to North or South pole, and the more interesting I have to tell is that program have been never done till now from Iran, but I had a little knowledge about this, so I started gathering information, images, maps, videos, clips from different websites.

    Also correspondences with the biggest pole trackers till the year 2011 for 6 years. I noticed that this project is not easy and has to be ready. So I begun my endurance trainings and physical readiness. This process included all trainings that most pole trackers have been doing.
    Tire pulling endurance training, aerobic trainings “ bicycle and treadmill” endurance trainings of swimming in ice and winter rivers, power and body building trainings in club, doing endurance test in science sport institute, passing mountaineering courses at the years of 2005 to 2015 with the valuable Certification of Iran mountaineering federation.

    Passing the GPS courses with licensee, passing the medical height curse,
    Receive the education certificate of first aids from red crescent organization. Volunteer of this organization also for 10 years mountaineering activities and nature promenade, and climb experience to many mountain tops of Iran such as Damavand, Sabalan, Khashchal, big kholeno, small kholeno, Qara dagh, dobrar, tochal, Binalud, shah jahan, shirbad, molkooh, Salouk, hezar masjed and so on,

    Also expedition to Golestan jungle and plain of dasht-e lar in 2008 in Iran, in the year 2008 I propounded this plan with the late Mr Mahdi amidi “ the famous Iranian mountaineer “ known as Iranian snow jaguar.
    And he accepted to be present for performing this program as a dual team.

    From the beginning 2009 correspondences started with governmental organizations to be prepared the program permissions.
    Our goals in this program included introduction of Iran tourism attraction like dasht-e loot desert as a “ hottest desert in the world” and the challenge of climate changes.

    Ends of the year 2009 all confirmed letters of team members by Russian embassy in Tehran and Iran embassy in Russia were issued by ministry of foreign affairs and department of environment. But unfortunately we could not succeed to do this program, because of not to be welcome by sponsors.

    Although I have followed them unfortunately in 2011 Mr amidi during his climbing from Mont blanc in France.
    Was missed and disappeared, that was the worst happen.
    God bless him”

    This project was left out half done. I started following this program from the first of the year 2014 again to accomplish it at any cost, and this time I succeeded by stabilization an institute called “ polar region tracking and researcher institute” with reg NO 4546.

    To the more and better under protection of governmental organization in related environmental activities. Unfortunately we couldn`t take up any sponsor. If there were sponsors they preferred investment in football. These sponsors included many companies in Iran, such as Irancell, Hamrahe aval, rightel, pasargad bank, tourism bank, kerman motor, padideh, Tabarok, steal azin, Golriz and so on, that I had negotiation with them, obviously these companies didn`t like to protect our program.

    Unfortunately their advertising Counselors hadn`t any information about this programs and the methods of introduction their brand and their thoughts were focused on only football.

    There fore in regard to redbull company promotions and it`s protections from adventure activities and also investment in research projects we were hopeful that perhaps could encourage Redbull senior managers for investment and protection of our program to become successful in plan accomplishment.

    Project subject:

    Record the route of hottest to coldest point in the world for the first time.
    With the new record of swimming by the Iranian ice man
    “Mr, Rasoul soleimani” in ice,

    Executive and goals:

    polar regions tracking and researcher institute the executive of researcher regarding environmental activities, climate changes and global warming also researchers in the field of members Psychologycal and Physiological function in such climate condition will be institute goals at future program.
    Estimated program time: according the 1100 km route length with daily passing 30 km average will take about 30 to 40 days. The end of tracking will be at April 9,2017


    presence in dashte loot desert the hottest point in the world “Central Lut Desert” and tracking in desert with approximately 100 km length during the 10 days. “February 10 to February 20”
    With photography and Video taking at +40C on the way.


    that date will be best time for program performance in desert , because hot region damages in in warm season is much more than cold regions.
    The hottest temperature record in dashte loot “ Central Lut Desert” has been in formed about 65 to 70°C.
    Then presence in Tehran for departure to Russia including St, Petersburg, Norilsk, Khatanga airport that will last about 10 days, “February 25,2017 to March 5,2017”
    Then flight with helicopter from Khatanga airport toward komsomolets island located in circuit 81° Arctic ocean in the pole trackers final destination.
    And after beginning departure to circuit 90° in March 6, 2017” totally 40 days we will be on the way, but I hope pass this way at minimum time as possible.
    Explanation: this tape of tracking is happened in the world for the first time.

    Executive and program researcher:

    Mohammad darabi, institute manager, environment active, invited to Greenland expedition program on behalf of dear Mr, Daniel gavrilov with supervision of the big polish explorer, Mr Mike Libeski at 2012.also invited calling for force dispatch toward South pole from oceanography and atmospheric science national institute with supervision Dr, Vahid Chegini, the last institute chief. And dear Dr, Saleh, Antarctic manager and research member.

    Team members include 3 persons with the names of:

    1- Mohammad Darabi. Institute manager and program executive born in April 25, 1978

    2- Dear Dr, Behrouz moghaddasi graduated in medicine field born in 1969, with 20 years experiences in red crescent rescue activities, responsible of training the quick reaction teams of red crescent. For 10 years presence in these international operations such as presence at Japan flood and Nepal earthquake rescue.
    Also climbing to experience to domestic and oversea heights with valuable certificate.
    Obtaining the top ranks in the sport fields such as climbing fast in Alborz state.

    3-Dear Mr, Rasoul Soleymani “Iranian ice man” born in 1962 in Meshkin shahr city of Ardabil province of Iran.

    “holder several records of long time swimming and staying in river ices like ‘jahanam dareh and khiavchai’ in Meshkin shahr city of Iran”
    “also experience of 30 times climbing to highest lake in the world on the top Sbalan mountain in Iran with the height of 4811m”


    the last record by him, has been about 132 minutes in the temperature under zero 0°C
    Note: the only Iranian people that could go to some regions of North pole were “Omidvar brothers” in 1958 about 57 years ago. However they could proceed by their motorcycle to circuit 75° north of Canada and Alaska and not more, on that time there were living some skimos.

    “But the goal of our expedition team is circuit 90° that is 1500km upper than circuit 75°”

    During resent years and after Iran revolution there were some people as a tourist, researcher, photographer that came into North and South lands by ice breaker ships.

    But since these people`s travel is not comparable with polar explorer programs the news, were not welcomed by international medias.

    But many programs from earth different points to North and South pole centers have ever done including;

    -Two adventurers explorers from South to North pole.
    -Tracking from north of Russia and passing from north pole center toward north of Canada.
    -Tracking from north of Greenland to north pole center.
    -Tracking from Norway “Svalbard island” to north pole center and return to Norway.
    -Tracking polar circuit by Mike horn explorer.
    -And from Iran “a bicycle run called with title from persian golf to North pole” that was accomplished only in the north of Russia.

    But our project will be named “ from dashte loot desert to North pole” And after to South pole.
    That will record with our team name for the first time.
    So our program not only in Iran but also at the international level will be very unique, because this tracking path from the hottest to coldest point in the world can be notable for other adventurers and explorers, tourists and researchers.


    north pole or arctic ocean is one of the 5 biggest oceans in the world and the fourth ocean of bigness after pacific, Atlantis and India oceans.
    This ocean has the area of 14milions km² more than Europe but smaller than Africa.
    North pole and under influenced environment of polar climate begin from circuit 60° and ends to pole center at circuit 90°
    At this central point all directions are toward south.
    North pole is a ocean that is surrounded by continent inversa south pole is a continent that is surrounded by southern ocean.
    The height of North pole is 1m above sea level.
    as the height of South pole is about 2835m above sea level.
    The coldest temperature in North pole history was minus -68°C that recorded in the station at circuit 74° north width of Canada.
    Also Oymiyakon village in Russia with minus -71°C is the coldest residential point!
    Never the less this temp +18°C is more than at least temperature that has recorded in the world at South pole vostok station in 1983 with temp of minus -89°C.

    First discover of North pole was captain Robert Edwin peary the officer of US navy in April 6, 1909 about 106 years ago at the age of 53 years that departed with 4 skimos to North pole center.

    After that the type of pole tracking activities was changed to new form nowadays the goal of it`s performance have been science researchers, newer records, perform more diverse programs and also environmental objects in connection with global warming, risk of animal kinds disappearing such as:
    Polar bears that has continued till now, climate changes can make a big challenge for world situation such as: water, food, health, security and economy condition.

    At the present time we can see many of it`s effects all over the world including Iran.
    The effects arised of climate changes;
    Natural and unnatural disasters such as flood, earthquake, storm, tsunami, drought, fire and so on.
    These changes obviously visible in North and South pole regions by melting polar ices.
    In mountain regions by melting ices and by rising oceans level at the margin of coastal contries.
    Also these changes cause soil erosion and make instability in historical buildings and cultural heritages of our ancestors.
    All we responsible against protection of environment and our futures.
    Our expedition team with this symbolic action decide to make the governmental politicians to have more serious look to this important. This is vital project. And like space researches that need to investment.

    At the present time this project is Certified, sponsored by Environment, Turism organizations and ministry of foreign Affairs.
    Date of project performance will be ʺ10th February to 20th Aprilʺ2017

    This team need to support.

    With the best regards

    Sincerely yours,
    Mohammad darabi explorer
    manager of polar regions survey institute executive and researcher project.
    “Arctic and Antarctic research institute”
    my email: persianexplorer@gmail.com
    tell: +98915-406-0042

    team supervisor; Behrouz Moghaddasi
    tell: +98912-712-9636

    Team colleague: Shahram Adabi
    tell: +98936-670-9686

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