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Pure adventure; Our True Motivation by Christy Henchie

 What is really a true explorer or adventurer? In my work I come across many different types, but seldom what I figure […]

On a cruise ship with Kensington Tours, part 1

This is part one of two regarding another Gentlemen´s Expedition as an honoured Explorer-In-Residence with Kensington Tours. I just got onboard the […]

The Post-Gaddafi Future by Justin Marozzi

One of the main worries I have had after the in many ways extremely positive developments in the Middle East, is what […]

African Hoofprints, 5 years on horseback through Africa

I have never really understood why great journey´s by horse doesn´t get more global attention than they do. This article below here […]

Mohamed Bouazizi shakes the Arab World

Gaddaffi is still in around, but no doubt on his way out. Amazing I think. Who would have thought that only 3 […]

Yemen needs change by Rashad Saaed

I really fell in love with Yemen. It had everything. Culture, wilderness, not a boring minute, history which is deeply felt and […]