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What to do with Mali? Will it be the next Somalia?

The other day I was stopped on the street by a guy who said he was going to cycle from Malmö, the […]

Compairing notes with Wilfred Thesiger and his book Arabian Sands

Even though Wilfred Thesiger did his great camel journeys between the years of 1945-50, experiences from which he based his classic book, […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Closure and summary

Yemen changed my life! For the better! There´s no doubt at all. Siberia ruined it. The 2004 Expedition was so overwhelming, that […]

An insight into Tribal Yemen; Expedition Yemen By Camel 2

“Get inside!” shouted one of the bodyguards, Adnan, to us and Tanya and Benjamin got into the armoured jeep, but I took […]