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No Yemen visa yet

What to say

…..I have spent, together with my Yemeni Angel, two long days chatting, talking, phoning and texting…Let me take it from the beginning…My friend, the Yemeni Angel, called me in panic on Sunday and said that the guy she had asked for help, Ahmad, put this name in the back up of your head, he had played, lied and cheated her all along just for the sake of money…and lied badly throughout the time, so with two days to go, it was impossible to get a visa in time, so I had to rebook my flight for a heavy price.

“Thanks Ahmad, you have another enemy now. I am totally at loss of words as regards to your actions.”

Comments from my friends over there range from the not so positive;

“So typical Yemeni” (said by a Yemeni) to;

“Life is hard and everyone is for themselves right now.”

So, as you readers well understand, this is really complicating things, I don´t wanna think the worst, but we are still trying. One explanation to all this drama, if it is one, maybe it is just the Angel and me worrying unnecessarly, is this one you can hear in a call from another Yemeni friend, who is involved in the visa business:

I cannot confirm if this is exactly true, but it has been verified by 2 safe sources. 3000 dollars seems tobe the truth.This is something many new and young journalists who want to make a career on misery and wars should think about. Many, many people, like myself, who wants to make a positive difference for a country, like me in this case, Yemen, have to pay a high price for what your actions. Not getting visas for example. This is the article which it is said caused the problem. And if you look at the times it have been retweeted for example, was it worth it? And did it give the journalist the needed fame? I thought Global Post was there to help people! Every action has a reaction.

So, once again, I am involved in a nervous waiting game. But I will not give up my idea and dream to try to give the world a positive perspective of Yemen. Like the film with Eva below shows. Finally it will work!

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