Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Moss Side: Obstacles ahead and experiencing the national day of the English, St George´s Day

27th of April, St George´s Day, the English National Day…..Moss Side of course had no clue, see we went into Picadilly Gardens and spent a couple of hours contemplating if this would be of any help for the documentary. Not really. All cliche´s. A fake cigar smoking Winston Churchill, American World War Two jeeps, Scottish bagpipes (not English), cheerleaders (not English) and…yes, really, really crap. I saw two or three non-whites, very few young and yes, I lack words…..
I am still experiencing problems with the sound…and I realized my mistakes. This is due to lack of training in between films. I have changed cables, bought a Rycote Deadcat…but still not good enough…and I have realized why. Wrong channel, not changed it manually and I have run it all on automatic. It just ain´t as good as manual work! At least i have located the problem, see what I can salvage…
Just a month to go before it is time to leave and I am beginning to panic. Still no partner for sure, though I hope i have discovered another gem, just like Tanya Holm.
And I don´t have a stroller, not all the gear needed and I am far from happy as regards to the material I have and now I have to head down to London and “waste” time, but I will get inspired though….And, my wife is in her most important moment of her research and the girls, they are demanding but easy. I want to be with them, but have to do this. This is a tough time! But privileged…

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