Krzysztof Suchowierski

A Polish Greeting From The Kolyma

My name is Krzysztof Suchowierski from Poland,


During this year (2016) lonely winter expedition through the Kolyma river, I walked on the same Route (Czerski -Sredniokołymsk 550km) at Mikael Strandberg and Johan Ivarsson his friend who managed to walk the whole stretch of the river.

Siberia is very demanding, the need for a strong fortitude, perseverance to be able to operate under these conditions is at their highest. I never met Mikael in person, and we never talked about the experiences that brought us Kolyma. I think that the traveler from Sweden agree with me, that without the kindness, hospitality and help Northmen it would be hard to survive the rigors of travel.


People along the river Kolyma have a wonderful ability to remember the people they have met. Even as it was 10 years ago, I met people who remember exactly Mikeala and Johan. In the Zyryanka vilage, some man accosted me and boasted to me that with him for a few days stopped travelers from Sweden. In one izbuszek (hunter house) Vierzhnyi Krest also met a man who hosted and remembers two newcomers from Scandinavia.

Also in Kolymskaya a thoroughly local school teachers warmly recall meeting with Mikael that after the trip came to them again to show movie from him Expedition. Mikael and his friend positively and permanently enrolled in the memory of the people of this beautiful land which is Yakutia,

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