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Threats to Travel by CuChullaine O’Reilly FRGS

In May, 2012 I warned readers of this blog that draconian new laws which had taken effect in America placed the traditional […]

What to do with Mali? Will it be the next Somalia?

The other day I was stopped on the street by a guy who said he was going to cycle from Malmö, the […]

The challenge of making a documentary in Yemen

I just saw a half an hours documentary produced by PBS and Frontline  called “Al Qaeda in Yemen”. I was asked by a […]

Yemen; The day after the great tragedy

“Let us kidnap you. Our government, or yours, will pay the ransom. You take half, we take half. You will get a nice […]

Opinion; Will Explorers be re-defined as Terrorists?

 There´s no doubt that red tape is getting worse by the day. I don´t know how many explorer friends I have, who […]

The Big Waiting Game

It is exactly a week before my plane leaves for the Gulf. No visa yet. I am waiting to hear from the angel in Sanaa. I am also waiting to do all the other things which has to be done before leaving. Getting the dollars needed. Learning how to use …

The Sahara: A Long Way Away from a Cultural Desert

Sahara…listen to the word…it is best pronounced when in the Great Desert itself, when a visitor tries to take a breath in the […]

The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir

Pheew, it feels genuinely good to present this fresh and exciting insight and story with some great images from a relatively unknown part of […]

Dark clouds and Blue Zones, time to reflect

23 years ago I met three Americans on a bicycle in Costa Rica. I remember us putting up camp outside a farm […]

Conversations with Talib – a Muslim role model -part one

During these three days of Eid Al-Adha we did a tour to the north of the country, passing through a lot of […]