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The Big Waiting Game

It is exactly a week before my plane leaves for the Gulf.

No visa yet. I am waiting to hear from the angel in Sanaa. I am also waiting to do all the other things which has to be done before leaving. Getting the dollars needed. Learning how to use the Tech from ExWeb. I am waiting for Ulrika to call me, so I once again can walk over to her studio to can check how far she has come on the pilot from part one. No stirrups from my my friend the horse specialist in Stockholm. To be used on the camels. It is just a big waiting game.

In the meantime, I know the angel is really getting most things going in Sanaa. What a difference to before! I kind of feel more relaxed than ever. Her ideas are really, really good. She might even be the one who will join me for this trek, if it happens. Because Tarim, he pulled out due to worried parents and too much negative information that he has been fed in Sanaa. And through media. I am reading a lot of it myself and for me, the most worriesome news is the fact that the CIA probably will add more cash to the drone war, which of course means, that if there werent these amounts of Al Qaeda there before, they will come now in the shape of international jihadists to fight the Americans. They and most Yemenis see this as the beginning of an American invation and that will lead to the same disasterous route they´ve already done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on. They never seem to understand that Arabs see this as meddling in their affairs and as a military invation. I saw a really good documentary, a French one, yesterday, where it was shown that many American soldiers where shocked by how disliked they where, when they arrived in the Iraq back in the 1st Gulf War as they saw themselves as liberators and fighters of democracy.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9kdx6GQAo8]

As regards to Al Qaeda, this is an interesting read by Haykal Bafana. He says in a reply to a tweet I sent him, it is even worse today. There´s no doubt that this will complicate my trip. Two areas, Abyan and most of Baydah is just not possible. Maybe I will head a completely different direction. Possibly. But first I need that visa!

[wpvideo D4eqQ4t4]

The first draft of the pilot, which is totally discarded now..

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