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50 essential items to bring for treks in the north

What equipment do I need to bring on a trek in the far north this time of the year? Summer time when […]

Expedition Gondwanaland; Across the Libyan Desert By Akhil Bakshi

In 2006, Akhil Bakshi led the Gondwanaland Expedition, a scientific mission to study earthquake geology and evolutionary history, driving 25,200km from the […]

Opinion; What Do You Seek?

Julian Monroe Fisher´s article Exploring Beyond A Culture Of Contest has received a lot of attention among other explorers. Most agree with […]

The three F’s of making your dream happen

We live in an age where adrenalin adventures make the biggest headlines, even if it is nothing more than a mere sporting […]

Frozen Frontier; The Expedition Report

Malmö, Sweden 11th of April 2013  Dear Explorers and Readers, I have just made my way back to Malmö in Sweden where […]

Frozen Frontier; Lessons from extreme cold

“You know you are in extreme cold, when you spit and your saliva turns solid before it hits the ground.” These are […]

Frozen Frontier; Expedition Summary

A fairy tale!  Almost! It is 4.30 in the morning, I am back in a warm, fresh aired and springy Malmö and […]

Frozen Frontier; The Dream of the Shaman

“Yesterday I went to the Sakha Theatre to see The Dream of the Shaman By Alexei Kulakovsky” I told one of the […]

Frozen Frontier; Give us land!

“You know, Mikael, I really don´t know what to do” , Slava Shadrin told us whilst sitting at the kitchen table in […]

Frozen Frontier; Shaman says; “You have to let that inner wolf out.”

25th of March 2013 -24 degrees Celsius Yakutsk, The Republic of Sakha “You have to let that inner wolf out” , Alexander […]

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