Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia: Thoughts day 3

Mornings are chilly in Windhoek. Even inside the hotel room. We have turned the heating on. We need to get ready for the outdoors. Girls haven’t even had a shower yet. I walk barefoot. But we all sleep extremely well. Sure, to a certain degree due to completely relaxing knowing the Expedition is on!

“Breathe, papa, breath!”

My daughters have said that to me a lot lately. I hear Hannah in the back of my head saying the same. After my last year of accidents and health problems I was starting to wonder if the universe is making my life a bit more complicated again. Because nowadays being a middle aged white guy isn’t attractive too many. Media, sponsors, the documentary scene. Obviously I understand that is how things are, sometimes the forces are on your side, sometimes not. That is fine with me. But that fact has made me more concerned that I might not get this Expedition onboard. So due to things happening in the past, I can get very anxious. At times when I need to succeed. Mindfulness and breath work has helped me a lot. But it means me standing in a queue somewhere, say an airport with a lot of gear, like three bikes, 4 heavy suitcases, a medical bag and two daughters who feel my worry and tell me to breathe!

Well, the forces are still with me, and we are back in Africa. And this is a fact, always have been, it makes me smile, wire down to the base and gives me enormous hope and strength. The atmosphere and the kindness of the people here, is as we should try to have it everywhere.

We spent all yesterday from early morning to late evening packing, getting the kit ready like earphone, GPS, cameras for all of us (the girls have 4 cameras to manage), setting of the water filter and figuring out what kind of a documentary we want. We haven’t had any time to explore, but last evening we strolled around the neighbourhood and it turns out it is Embassy area here, so armed guards, barbed wire, electrical fences and not so many people around. But all ready to have a chat. I just love this interaction with people, which is so hard at home.

I feel like the most prevailed human on earth. In Africa with my beloved and funny daughters! We are having long talks every evening now. And I am kind of catching up on what youth are talking about today. Like Eva who shared some news from her friends that I famous footballer have been unfaithful to his pregnant wife. And she said it was ok as long as he used a condom. Talk of the youth of today.

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