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Appeal from Kais Ahmed Al Kalisi, famous from the doc The Reluctant Revolutionary

Kais is a very charismatic Yemeni who became slightly famous from a documentary called The Reluctant Revolutionary, which I have questioned strongly here, and I met him in Sanaa. Almost as quick as I arrived I got an appeal from him to meet through one of my best friends, Mohammed Almarwiny. He basically begged for my help, since contrary to what he says he was promised, namely a great change in his life for the better, it has all gone the other way. A couple of weeks ago I got this email from him:

My dear Mikael,

    I’m Kais Ahmed we have met in Sana’a and we had lunch together
in Mohamed AL-Marwany`s house and we talked about my film 
(Reluctant Revolutionary) and I guess you have seen the reality by
your own eyes that I haven’t got the hotel any more and I have no cars
and as you saw I have been kicked out of my rented family house because 
I owed the owner several months,

I would like to request from you if you don’t mind to support my online
campaign by writing about it in your website? Because my online campaign is going to be finished after 2week and half, I’m trying to
get this campaign to help me to get me back on my feet and to pay
my debts for more than one year house rent and to open small project
to earn money for my family, my family are me, my wife and my 3daughters,

So my friend Mikael if you could write about me in your website
 I’m sure that your words will attract people to help me
because you are respected and famous person.

If you don’t want to help its ok don’t worry
but it’s still my great pleasure and honor that 
I met you in Yemen.
I pray to my Allah to make your new film great success

Thank you for reading my email.
Here is my online Campaign.

Best wishes
Kais Ahmed

I found Kais, like most Yemenis, a very nice, charismatic and engaged person. I was really sad to see how he was suffering, but not worse than any other Yemeni today. But my biggest worry is that he figured being part of the documentary would make his life better. it hasn´t so far. This is what he told me was the case. And I see the online campaign to help him, has only gathered 1892 dollars. this won´t help him far.

But I also know, as I told Kais, being a documentary maker doesn´t make you rich. For more about the ethics in documentary film making and my thoughts on this, see



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