Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Equipment, training, treatments and disease

Being a dad for two toddlers and an explorer preparing for one of the toughest Expedition anyone can imagine cold wise, well, it is difficult. For three reasons;

First of all, even though I want to spend all my time with these the two most lovliest of human beings, I don´t feel i give them as much time as they deserve.

Two, one is always more or less ill with some infection or virus picked up through Eva at pre-school. Once again,I feel extremely chest heavy and I have a slight fever. Enough to put me off training tomorrow. With a bit more than a month left that´s bad!

Thirdly….I have forgotten it already!


Yes! Yes! It seems like we will get the visas, even though I went with my family to the Embassy on Friday, because being American, it is more complicated getting a visa, but no it seems ok. That is a giant relief, because I want the family to join me for many reasons. Less hazzle at the borders, I want the kids to have a good start of their lives and Pam to get a chance to study Yakut heritage . And I am always happier the closer they are to me. Concentration is the most important quality for a succesful Expedition.


Training is going…guite good.…there´s these infections from Eva and her pre school all the time, but my strength is actually developing quite a lot and I am doing a certain amount of excersisis like when I was younger. My triceps and biceps are similair, but the rest about 30% of before. But I feel strong. The aerobic part is as boring as ever!


I spend most of my thoughts right now on the subject of equipment. The boys over the Atlantic are helping me with the tech kit as is Tom at ExWeb, but about the survival gear, well, this is what the last Siberian kit list looked like. Should I bring skis to avoid freezing too much by just sitting and trying to hold myself in place on the sledge? It was a fearsome cold last year! My skiing boots is also very warm, but I have been looking at some Baffin boots and winter equipment from Mountain Hardwear. Jegor has also set me up with a full kit off traditionall reindeer herder gear from the Eveny. I have also ordered my old facemask and I am trying to figure out which headlamps can do the job!


It is all extremely exciting and I really, really love getting ready for yet another great Expedition!

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