Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Witnessing the first step of Somaliland becoming independent


I started working full time on the documentary on Monday when my great friend and co-producer Lars was here. It is really, really important to have many people involved in a big production like this one, to get perspective, input and other ideas. From how to film to what is important. I might not always have the same opinions, but I have realized that almost always, the ideas from somebody like Lars make a documentary better at the end. And he gave me a whole bunch of films/documentaries to watch, to get inspired and get ideas. One of them was the Square, which is incredibly good! It really has to be seen when it comes to freshening up ones photography, suspension and narrative.

I am still getting used to the kit again, it isn´t too bad actually. However, some of it, like the mike cables are all gone I realized yesterday and had to film with the camera mikes, which of course isn´t the best. And I wanted to figure out how to fully use the GoPros. They´re definitely best in “action” scenes, but can be used like inside Sheffield Town Hall, see below.

Yesterday I spent the whole day in Sheffield together with my Somaliland friends AR, M and M. And it was in many ways a spectacular day, first getting out of Moss Side for awhile, passing through Peak District and being part of a historical moment, when the Sheffield (manily labour) voted to become the first to recognize Somaliland as an independent country. Even though the UN has to take these decisions it is still a small step ahead. for me, it was great to be part of it. And, feeling a bot of an African feeling with the joy shown by the Somalilanders! I also realized the importance of finding a good camera person to help me on the upcoming trip. A new Tanya! I asked Mustafa to help me, when I got interviewed by Somaliland National TV….

So, the search continues for the right partner! In the mean time I have to update kit, make a list what has to be done to make the the best documentary ever from Britain! And get maps, figure out a route and get my interviews as good as they should. So far, people are too careful to share their inner thoughts of life around Moss Side! (I also need to learn how to proper edit on Premiere….)

I am really, really tired now and wonder how in earth I am going to find the right energy! BUT, I feel more motivated than ever to do a great doc about England and adding quality I haven´t used before to the film! In shallah!
And a GREAT thanks to Anders Nordgren and Scandinavian Photo in Malmö for supplying me with the two GoPros and other needed kit!

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