Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Moss Side: Doing the details, being a dad and suffering from the Lutheran presence on my right shoulder

It seems people are taken an Easter break. Complete void of anyone out there, which in a way is good, because finally, I will have time to do some more research figure out a kit list, find one or two more sponsors and rest the cameras for a little while. Honestly, lately i have been more tired then ever and going to the gym three times a week has been a struggle, but I have done it. Moss Side takes so much energy out of me, well, the whole family, it is such a demanding place, so interesting, so much happening and since everything is on board with the finance and so on, I have to produce the best of the best. And, knowing this makes me dead tired! At times I hate that Martin Luther on my right shoulder, who I have dragged with me since birth and suffered endless feelings of guilt since. And when  know people have invested in me, very little compared to most productions, I feel i have to offer my life on a plate. What to do….this will never change. A bit tiresome for the family though, having this husband and dad who always have to offer his life for his work….

Eva is home from school now, but I did a deal with my researcher, who´s son is home, so she is looking after my girls today, who likes her son!


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