Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Exciting to say the least, but also some worries

Filming in Moss Side is harder than i imagined. I fully understand that people worry for the camera, considering everything they have been through as regards to bad media, some of the worst I have seen and that far too many want nothing to do with the police. In fact, I have been lately, especially today, accused of being an agent for the police, which I don´t like at all. people really get upset and aggressive at times. this will take  a lot of intelligent handling and picking the right people to help me.

I have two new people as part of the team. Eugenio a film maker from Sicily, who takes life easy and relaxed which helps a lot, his girlfriend Klara from Romania. And yes, a researcher, Anastasia from South Africa, which will help me two months before we set off. They´re all very needed.

People have also started to ask me to be reimbursed, which initially surprised me, but I, once again, understand. life is really hard, In many ways, Moss Side is no different from any poor area of the world. Sure. I have to say, since I arrived, nothing have been -well, a bit- as I expected from England.

I have a slight worry living in a hood I am documenting. There´s a bit of a threat, but I might be imagining. But at the same time, this feeling is what makes me wanna do this all over again!


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