Emma Alexandersson

My Dream: 300 km with a dog sled

Vote For Me At Fjällrävenpolar 2016

My name Is Emma, I´m 25 years old from Jönköping, Sweden. I am an adventures person who likes to challenge myself physically as well as mentally!


I want to do a300 km with a dog sled from northern Norway down to Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. That challenge is not mine yet but It Is one of my big dream to get the chance to go there and you who reads this article can very easily help me to my dream, but first I want to tell you something about who I am.  My interest in outdoor life started when I was a girl, my family used to go on canoeing hikes one weekend every year together with friends to my family. My own first big challenge was after graduating from school, I have dyslexia so I felt that I needed to do something more practically and physical after twelve years in the classroom. I joined the Swedish military for eleven months education. There I experienced nature in all four seasons but of course it was not as relaxing and enjoyable as nature can be when you go out there on your own to let the surroundings make a healing imprint on you. Another adventure of mine was being a backpacker in Australia. I and my boyfriend Philip traveled around big parts of the country with the car that we bought there. We also practically lived in that car for these four months. It really was an amazing trip where we got to know several of friends that we now have meet and will meet again!  Another “challenge” of mine is my passion for people, I have earlier worked with young people with autism and now I study to become a social worker. I love that “world” and to learn how to, in the best way response to people so that they can open up and we together can find the best way for them in whatever they are going through in life. I do consider myself as a reflecting person and I also like to surround myself with people who are reflecting and in that way can challenge my way of thinking. In the future, I have the vision to work with social Interventions for young people and relate this to outdoor activities.


I do believe that everyone needs to challenge themselves to develop and I wish everyone had the same chances to do so!

I do have a Australian shepherd-dog myself that I love more than I can describe, he´s name Is Torkel and we work together as a team in different dogs sports. I have never before tried dog sledding but wish to go on this 300 km long trip to learn more about four of my passions in life; humans, culture, dogs and nature. It is the Swedish clothing and outdoor gear company Fjällräven that arrange this trip and only the winner In the competition I´m in now will for sure have a place in this amazing adventure. If you are willing to help me to my dream and a new challenge in life, it will only take you a few seconds but would mean everything to me! I have also started a collection for the benefit of the refugee crisis and the money will go through the Red Cross-organization. So for every vote I get me and my family and friends donate a small amount of money to there. You have nothing to lose and maby you will see pictures of me in the adventure afterwards, but only if I manage to succeed in this competition. Pleas klick the link and watch my application movie to this adventure, don’t forget to vote on the blue button!

Thank you sincerely,

Emma Alexandersson



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