The Cancun Lecture

For me it was probably one of the better lectures I have done lately. Full of energy, inspiration and I used every single cell to inspire and provoke thought. Afterwards i met many of the people in the audience and I realized there is indeed a major difference between Europeans and Americans (by which I mean the US, Canadians are somewhere in between).

It seems like Americans need people to be Hollywood style heroes, where the ending is extremely positive with the all imposing God on one side and on the other side everything has to end extremely heroic at the end. With the hero on top of the pidestal. Obviously, you who know me, understand I prefer a more realistic approach to life, which isn´t always easy, but you deal with it and get through on the other side with struggles. And you talk about it.

The European style is more that the hero dies at the end, which is more how I see life.

On the other hand, if Americans like you , they will tell you this too! Whereas Europeans pretty much say nothing.

Just some observations after an incredibly interesting time with some of my best friends and a very challenging and interesting group. And as I everything I seem to do, either they like it or hate it, there´s nothing in between.

What a priviliged time indeed. Which ended me getting upgraded to business class again, so I enjoyed the 12 hours trip back to Frankfurt here, even though it was a lot of turbulence. I don´t like this.

An American hero, though, would have loved it!

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