Life Expectancy test by The Blue Zones

Some of you know this is my new topic of life. Project. I am just in the initial face. But, I have an old friend, a long distance cyclist from the past, Dan Buettner. He has become an authority on the subject. And he has created a longevity test, based on his knowledge worldwide of the Blue Zones, of how old you might become. It deals with lifestyle, diet, belief, friendships, sadness, sleep, how social you are and more. Really good. These are my honest scores. Try it yourself at
Dan´s Blue Zone site is a wealth of information, inspiration and ideas around longevity. Visit it at
Finally meeting Dan Buettner after being in contact for 23 years in his spectacular mansion in Minneapolis. From left: Me (yes, adding on Expedition weight), Dan Jr, Dan and his brother Steve.

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