Mansfield College

Pre COVID 19 memories

Facebook memories. I used to avoid those popups. I am all for living in the now. But now with the COVID-19 trauma, I kind of enjoy them. At least I had an interesting life pre-COVID 19! I guess it also shows I possibly miss the old times and don´t really know what to expect from the future.
Today´s Facebook memory happened this day 5 years ago at Mansfield College, Oxford University. A lecture. I was there by the invitation of my friend, Baroness Helen Kennedy. I met her and her husband Ian at the Hay Festival in Segovia back in 2010. Wonderful human beings. The setting was Harry Potteresque. See for yourself. (Links at the end.) The dinner afterwards was grand in its setting. As always, a lot of interesting people around. We were there the whole family.
It was one of my most boring lectures ever. I had the flu at the time, wasn´t sure of the theme of the lecture and probably blew my chances forever to return to Mansfield College!
Well to lecture. Because Dana, Georgia Villalobos and me returned there during the Man With A Pram documentary.
It is one of these once-in-a-life-happenings. I am happy I have had a few of them. But I wish the lecture could have been at its best. These flus are no good. As we know today!

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