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Book review: Life On Ice. 25 years of Arctic Exploration by Lonnie Dupre (Keen Editions)

Book review:
Life On Ice. 25 years of Arctic Exploration by Lonnie Dupre
(Keen Editions)
It doesn´t happen a lot. But what a difference it makes!
I get up at 3 a.m every morning now. It is in one way bliss. No other people around. No rush. The coffe tastes better than ever. The girls are sleeping soundly. I get up because I have two wonderful projects in the loop. And it takes full days and every days to get it right. But after todays midday nap, instead of going back to work, I sat down on the balcony -in shorts drinking a power shake of spinach, banana, blueberries and soya milk- and started to read Lonnie Dupre´s book:
Life On Ice. 25 years of Arctic Exploration. (Keen Editions)
It kept me thrilled until the girls came back from school. What a wonderful new friend. Thanks Robert Torkildson for introducing us. Lonnie and I are same age more or less. Same upbringing, same relationship to schools and book and got going the same time. In that way a scary read. It is almost like another me but over there in Minnesota. I enjoy reading about his great expeditions. From crossing the Bering Strait to circumnavigating Greenland in a kayak. But I like as much to read about his background, the society he grew up in and and the reasons he needed becoming a Man On Ice.
Anyone considering either crossing the Bering Strait in winter or going for a life as a polar explorer, the book is a must. But highly entertaining for the armchair explorer too.
Look forward to meeting you one day in person Lonnie. Maybe over one of Tor´s cheap red wines.
Read more about Lonnie https://www.lonniedupre.com/
Photos of Lonnie Courtesy of Lonnie Dupre

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