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Important job to do before setting of on an Expedition?

Important job to do before setting of on an Expedition?
Trying out all the equipment well in time before leaving! And getting into a routine how to use them. Luckily the girls have 5 days off now for us to do just that.
I did many mistakes on last years cycle trip. As regards to the filming. All GoPro footage is worthless. Getting the bikes ready took all the time during the preparation period. This time, we are early out on trying out the new cameras. So yesterday we spent 5 wonderful hours outdoors figuring out the cameras. GoPro 8:s. And DJI:s Pocket 2s.
The GoPro is impressive. But adjustments of sound and angle is needed. Here´s a few clips to watch:
The DJI:s is supposed to Dana and Eva´s cameras for the journey´s ahead. And we are all in the initial state of trying to figure them out. I forgot to bring the external mcrophones, but not to bad without them either. Getting there, but lots of practise needed though. Here´s two clips:
The tests will continue until we depart for another great cycling trip! And best of all yesterday, being with these lovely daughters! Quality time!

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