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“What do you think about when you are cycling?”

“What do you think about when you are cycling?”
So, let me first say that I spent 7.5 years on a bicycle between the years of 1986-95. Approx 90 000 km. I returned back cycle touring 3 years ago. Together with my daughters. We have done 4600 km together. And about 5 months of cycling.
Yes, it is one of the most common questions I have had over the years. Together with whether I have a sore bum or not.
Back in the day, even when not travelling, I had to go and cycle to get my life and thoughts together. I had problems churning out ideas and bigger thoughts if not on a bike.
When travelling on a bicycle through desolate areas like deserts, mountains and forests, at least according to my books, I often had thoughts about the meaning of life. When not tired and hungry, when it was all food and rest in my head. And of course a lot of thoughts about longing for the opposite sex.
These days, 26 years on, most of the days on the bike I don´t seem to think at all. Since I do film, obviously there´s work in my mind as regards to this. I often curse the traffic or long for food, liquid and rest. And most thoughts are about how happy I am to have my daughters with me. 2/7. A rare privilige I believe. Occasionally I do long for the opposite sex, or feel bewildered, but I think as much on the fact that I am happy to be by myself.
Actually, I do most of my thinking nowadays at the end of the day. When we have put up camp, girls and I are fed and happy, they´re chilling inside the tent. And I am sitting just in a camp chair, most of the time thinking of nothing. But if I do, I tend to think about mum and dad. Both dad. And their lives. And how it led to me spending so much time on a bike.
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