Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Happiness is….

True happiness comes a little bit on and off in life. As most people over 50 know today, the Hollywood version of life doesn´t exist. Like waking up in the morning holding Hannah´s hand. Or feeling her head on my chest. Knowing she is there. Moments of happiness. Or like today, when I got up early, got my workout kit ready, heading out for a two hour haul with the tyres. The girls woke up by my noise, saw what I was doing, so on this their restday, they asked:
“Can we come?”
Now, before our Namibian and Rwandan trip, this would never have happened. But something very important happened over there. I think they suddenly realize what it takes to get a life they can be content with. So, they joined me Satruday morning, 11 year old Dana and 13 year old Dana, running/hauling for 11 km and two hours. About halfway I said:
“I think the next big trip we do, is you doing your first Expedition by yourself where you tell only your story. But I think doing horses is too hard for you.”
“I think so too” , Eva said: “Maybe walking?”
A new idea is born. We will walk and run once a week now to prepare for our first challenge the last week of October. We failed two years ago, but they´re ready now. They girls are fit and determinded. They have realized what has to be done to get a deceant life.
Namibia was hard. Or the cycling was. That wind….those dirt roads…sand and dust became our companions…but the girls never complained as they did previously. Not today either, they just mauled on for two hours. Always in a good mood.
I am proud and those were true moments of pure happiness in all the up and down existence as a human being. Enough to be content, yes!


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