Exlorer Mikael Strandberg

Sunday thought: Expeditions always goes wrong.

Fractured tailbone. A small crack in the right wrist. A crack in the left knee. A small stroke. A severe concussion. A blue eye. An infected wound on the left leg. Two ruined tents. 2 broken tent poles. An uncountable amount of punctures. This is just the last two years. I could go on. And on.

This is exploration. Adventure. Expeditions. This is part of the package if you choose a lifestyle based on these subjects. I am used to something happening all the time. I am not overly pleased when it happens, but you get used to it, dig into the issue and most of the time fix it. Some like the concussion it takes years, and a puncture a few minutes. I spend most of my time doing rehab of injuries nowadays. And I try to go through my equipment carefully before leaving. Things still go wrong. All the time.
It is like life itself. Full of challenges. They happen, you deal with them. With time, you realize this is how life is. And without them, the challenges, you wouldn’t grow as a human being. And as in life itself, you can become someone driven by self-pity and end up lonely and sad, or you can just live with it and accept it. Same in exploration.
Sunday thought.

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