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Book review: Wild Spirit by Helen Lloyd

I have had the pleasure to follow Helen´s career as a down-to-earth traveller for years now, through her books and wonderful posts on social media. Helen is one of these kind of uncompromising travellers who works, collects money and does a big trip. She doesn´t have to answer to a sponsor or a boss. Or do the very British thing, do it for charity. So it is to a certain degree a relief reading Helen!

This time she sets of through her loved Africa on a motorbike. She has cycled this awesome continent earlier. Now she sets of with her boyfriend Kieran. It is quite different to her previous journey on a bicycle. She has Kieran´s company all the time and a major part of the big is her view on their complicated relation. It isn´t easy to travel together. I find her stories around their relation very interesting. I remember her previous book from Africa, when she was cycling, she had issues with a Swedish cyclist. It seems like the men she travels together with, never meets her expectations.

Helen is a really tough, real deal adventurer, who really love the freedom of travelling and I really enjoy all her small details from the complications of travelling through Africa, that I know so well. And I really hope she never becomes a professional, because her books are free from any such compromises.

I hope in the next book she will dwell into her background, into why she has chosen to live this life and more introspect view of everything. Me reading this as a father and parent, I see that when you don´t have that responsability, life becomes very self centered.

We certainly need more Helen Lloyd travellers out there. And more interesting books from Helen!

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