Sofie Rördam

The best trip I have ever done

The best journey I have ever made!
The main reason is obviously the huge privilige and joy to be able to do it with my daughters. The second phase over the Anatolian plateau was the real deal of adventure and Expedition. Extreme heat, very hilly, off the beaten track, unspoilt and the best of people. The best. Turkey has everything. Wilderness, great people, great food, an extra ordinary history and such a variety of nature.
But off the beaten track means a lot of tech issues. The GoPros and the set up is all gone. The panniers pretty much too. And for sure, the back rack from Blackburn. Such a disappointment. Such poor construction too. But my African days help me solve the issue until we reached Nevshehir. Duck teip of course. And I cut up an old tube and used it as string. We had about twnety punctures. During a few days the heat was so extreme that the asphalt was sticky and I was dumb enough to cycle through such a patch. The end of my backtyre.
Here´s a slideshow with the best photos. Many of the best by Sofie Rördam.
The Eurovelo 8 film

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