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Obstacles ahead and experiencing the national day of the English, St George´s Day

27th of April, St George´s Day, the English National Day…..Moss Side of course had no clue, see we went into Picadilly Gardens […]

Walking: Bliss or agony?

I read this article yesterday about the French philosopher Frédéric Gros, who claims walking can bring about a sense of peace.  At the same […]

Doing the details, being a dad and suffering from the Lutheran presence on my right shoulder

It seems people are taken an Easter break. Complete void of anyone out there, which in a way is good, because finally, […]

Exciting to say the least, but also some worries

Filming in Moss Side is harder than i imagined. I fully understand that people worry for the camera, considering everything they have […]

Circumnavigating Scotland by Will Copestake

Our world we live in is easier to explore than ever before in history, the invention of the telephone, the television and […]

The Real World By Andy Kirkpatrick

A friend once told me of a boat trip to Greenland, the boats crewed by a mix of climbers and sailers.  The […]

Walking for Water: A Philanthropic Pilgrimage By Charlie Uldahl Christensen

This  is an invitation to participate in creating a new concept, a concept that in the best case scenario might have the […]

First rec tour: The Peak district and Edale

I have just returned home after probably the most important part of an Expedition, figuring out a route and hopefully getting a […]

Somaliland clips

These are two clips I took at the Independence Rally in Sheffield. The first shows the difficulties not having professional help to […]

Shamans: Meeting Them And Seeing Things

Eva! That´s the name that Vika Andreyevna, one of the last female semi nomadic reindeer herders on earth, gave her first child, […]

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