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Financing The Jihad : Al Qaeda Kidnappings In Yemen By Haykal Bafana

Kidnappings in Yemen is an issue one gets used to hearing about when getting involved in this precious country. During all my […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Kidnapped and shelled by mortar fire!

The last two days have been scary. First I got kidnapped and yesterday our area got shelled by mortar fire. Let me […]

An involuntary adventurer in Yemen by Tanya Holm

One of the first issues which irritated me as regards to what I was reading about the war in Yemen, was the […]

Waiting for a war

Yemen at the brink of war? A notion which has plagued me for the last year. And I have been lucky to […]

Being an immigrant and once again in Oman

Back in Oman, right now in the Indian enclave of Wattaya. There´s a smell of curry over the area, but it is […]

Dark clouds and Blue Zones, time to reflect

23 years ago I met three Americans on a bicycle in Costa Rica. I remember us putting up camp outside a farm […]

GUEST WRITER 3: Tricia Nellesen

My third guest writer is Tricia Nellesen who I met at Sabris school in Sanaa, Yemen, half a year ago and she […]

I am right now Ahmed Al-Hamdani

”My father and his father and so on, they all travelled to Mecca by camel” , the old man explained whilst touching […]

A taxi ride to Brid and Richard

“What I think about the Saudis…” , Kasim said whilst chewing an enormous load of kat , “Hmmm…well, you have to excuse […]