Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Yemen Unedited: A Civilian Voice From The War

Dear my best friend Mikael, 

Yemen need hope not war. Yemen is a poor county and Saudi is destroying our county. Saudi is spending a lot of money to realize this war and destroy Yemen. They should, instead, spend all this money to rebuild Yemen and make school and hospitals and airports and some companies and support our youth. Instead Saudi want us to be in their control but we will not be, ever!

And do you know in Yemen they use airstrike to bomb al Houthis and our army when they should fight al Qaeda and they never ever bomb al Qaeda?

 The situation in Yemen was stable and we were fighting al-Qaeda and the situation was stable. It went out of control with the help of Saudi Arabia and the US bombing of Yemen. Suddenly without prior warning there was fear in people over there. Saudi Arabia does not want Yemen to be a strong country. I want to say that Saudi Arabia supports Al Qaeda and terrorists in Yemen. The humanitarian situation is terrible. We have lost our work and many people have lost their jobs because of the unjust war against Yemen. My friend Berry employed me, but sea blockade and air attacks make it impossible for people to come here. Even for many Yemenis, they cannot return to Yemen. We are denied food imports, they bomb factories, stadiums, airports and ports. They kill children and innocent people. They prevent us from importing wheat and oil, we have a crisis in hospitals. We have a crisis in the oil. We are bombed every day and bombed late into the night. It is intimidating women and children in my home and I have not slept since the beginning of the bombing. I lie awake in the night and can´t sleep at all.

What I don´t understand is why the rich countries allow the Saudis to bomb us? They never bomb al Qaeda camps, but our homes and kill innocent people. Is it because the Saudis are rich nobody is protesting. I am in Yemen and we Yemenis have dignity and the Saudis will not be able to kill us or buy us. Let them come and we will defend and soon Saudi Arabia will not exist. Yemeni blood is not cheap. They are cowards if they don´t come and fight us face to face. But they will try to buy us instead.

When l experience the bombs and the big explosions l wish to die before l see how they kill people and kill Yemeni children’s dreams.

It is difficult to survive for me now. My only income its tourism, but they are killing my dreams and many other Yemeni dreams. I want to tell you Saudis:

 Saudis, we are Yemenis, you can’t buy us we are not Egyptians. Saudi, we are Yemenis and we have dignity and no one can buy us. Saudi, remember that Yemeni blood is not cheap and l think that you have to understand that by attacking us and kill Yemeni children blood and if you come and fight us on the ground, that will be the end of the royal family in Saudi and this is what l believe.

l remember my grandfather he told us Saudis never ever want us to be strong county and stable. He said if we will be out of their control they will start a war and fight us and spend a lot of money. He was right.

  • We Yemenis we love all the people in the world
  • Victory to Yemen
  • Death to the invaders

 Peace and love from Yemen and Yemeni people

Mohammed, please see how people can help http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/06/world/iyw-yemen-resource-list/index.html

*Editor´s note: This is the opinion of the author and doesn´t necessarily reflect what I personally believe. As always, there are opposite views of the situation and they´re easily found at Al Arabiya. I have also done some adjustments to language so to better understand this powerful text from my friend Muhammed, who i think about every day and who I know is a great representative for not only all Yemenis but also for the civilians.


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