Ali Ahead

A Letter From Yemen

My dear friend,
How are you? We hope that you and your family are in good health.
How is life going ? we hope that you are doing fine.
I think the recent news of the Saudi war against Yemen which started
26th of March 2015 until today .
this war has taken place in the international media stations.
The Saudis Air Force Strikes has been destroying Civilians houses, Yemeni military
camps too.
But so far 85% of the victims are civilians children, women ETC.
We worked in tourism since many years and it’s the only main income for us
to live and survive too but since this horrible war started  we got badly hurt
by losing the important and the only main income which is tourism.
No work no income to feed our family and specially women and children
We lost completely the life income from some brave tourists who
comes to visit Sana’a and specially visiting Socotra Island now no body at all.
We became broken financially at least to take care of our family needs
we are lost between these events.
Yemen is the Arabia Felix but  now it’s the country of Saudi Arabia Strikes.
We hope for the sake of the old beautiful days which you had in Yemen
pray for us that life of peace return to Yemen again INSHALLAH soon.
We hope for you the peaceful life and success in your business
We wish you nice evening
Best wishes



PS. I have been asked by quite a few how to donate to organisations helping out in Yemen or individuals and it isn´t an easy answer to give. There´s a multitude of organisations and I have no personal knowledge of any one of them who are represented in Yemen orI should say who are free of a political agenda, so when my friend Hussein asked me for personal help, a person who I can vouch for, I thought this could be the way to go. So if you are interested in helping someone of the millions in Yemen who need help, please contact me and I will pass you on to Hussein so you can start talking. My email is

*All photos are copyrighted to Husseins friend Ali Ahead

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