Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Testing possible Expedition food and finding out that Scarlett Sardana is coming!

What is really a true adventure? True exploration? In a time when we don´t really know how to define it, I have never felt such a thrill, such a journey of discovery like today, when I was blessed with the real thriller of life, being part of the ultrasound after 18 weeks of pregnancy! Not me….yes, am fat, but it is needed for the expedition to come!

Anyway, first we looked for the head, measured it, then the lungs, the 4 chambers of the heart, the spine, legs and feet and than…we found out that we will be blessed with another girl!!!

My first thought was;

I knew it! I just knew it would be a girl! And it makes me very happy, I just love girls!

And Pamela, who wanted a boy thought:

We will try a third time!

Steady now, Pam! I see Eva and her really being close, exploring the world and life together and looking after their daddy and mama!

The show, hhappinessor unhappiness, must always go on. So we tried dried frozen food from a company called Fuizion and the result was not to satisfying. Extremely bland. Than I went off to the Gym to work my back, biceps, triceps and stomach and Pam to her library.

Well, I have to run to Eva´s nursery school, we have a meeting with her teachers….than back to the map room on my floor.







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