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“Haha, everybody who lives in Yemen knows that inshallah means definitely not!”

This was a comment from a Westerner, who have lived in Sanaa a few months, after yesterdays post on the subject:

The Yemeni Visa!

Today I say Masha´Allah! I have the visa! With the help and assistance from the Yemeni Angel, my very good old friend, who I should have talked to immediately, Mohammed the Zaidi, sorted it out with all his Yemeni know-how! You should stick to your friends, but once I realized Mohammed could sort out any problem, I had hooked up with somebody else. That will not happen again. Mohammed is also one of the best tour guides, fixers and translators in Sanaa. He is one of my oldest yemeni friends. He works at Arabian Voyages.

I will be leaving at the end of the month. I couldn´t get a flight befoe that, which is fine with me.

[wpvideo WCSnRl9L]

This is what Muhammed said about the visa…..nothing new at all! So, the problem all along was this guy Ahmad, who cheated us. He didn´t even go there!

Heaven or hell? I knew Jamal Bin Omar was still in Sanaa, and that always means profound restrictions on visas. I am trying to figure out why, but possibly the worry that he would be put on the spot from a Western journalist on certain issues as regards to the GCC deal. That is the only reason I can think of. And than, of course, I began this extremely nervous day reading this:

Gunmen Fail To Kidnap Frenchman, Leave Him In Critical Condition In Yemen

and even worse:

3 Swedish national join Al Qaeda in Yemen  (I doubt this though, since it says tribal source…)

It seems to be getting worse. The kidnappings and the reports on Al Qaeda. Shabwan, Abyan and Hadramawht is in the news in a negative way, everyday. Right now it seems to be hard to get out of Sanaa again. We will see. I am not in yet. Still some obstacles as always to navigate. Such is this life. Always the same, no matter where you go, but Yemen is certainly specific and in many ways the most challenging! I don´t think I ever, ever has been as tired and worn out as this time. But I easily forget. If I don´t remember wrong, it was worse the last time the whole family went there. But than it was my wife who steamrolled it all with her great attitude and winning ways!

Masha´Allah Muhammed Zaidi! And the Yemeni Angel together with Muna!


My daughter helping me to tune things right technically………

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