Longetivity and achilles problems

Aging. Extremely interesting project. All these issues with recovery have made me start research into the issue of longetivity. I went to a sports doctor yesterday and he said I had an inflammation in my achilles tendon. No racing for 2-3 months. A huge blow. But, again, I have pushed to hard. Since I began racing end of July I have bettered my racing time with 16 minutes. On the 10 km run. Which is good progress. But too much and too fast. So, body tells me, slow down. I want to add that my 52 minutes on 10 km is the best time I have had in my long life of physical activity. And this is a hilly trail run. I can cut two on flat asphalt for sure. But not in the race ten days from now.

But aging is beginning to faschinate me. My friend Erden Eruc sent me a book title I had to read. And I have. A brilliant book by Joe Friel, Fast After 50. It inspired and gave me food for thought. It proves that age has its issues, but we all have to change our attitude. Basically todays new research shows we can compete with 20-30 years old until 75. On racing level. It is all based on the right training, diet and amount of rest and sleep. But a very active life style. Not as most people still think today, a time to slow down and sit in front of the fire. That seems to be the route to a boring life and early death. But the difference is it takes a bit more time to reach your goals.

My friend, Dan Buettner, has written and researched a lot into the subject of longetivity. His articles for the National Geographic Magazine are among the most read ever. So it is an interest of most people. How to get older. According to Dan, who has studied communities where there´s a bunch of people over a 100 years of age, here´s clues to how. Diet very important. No fast food there! And physical workout every day. May it be 6 hours of garden work. And a meaning to life. And, unfortunately, living in the same community all your life, seems to help aging!

I will research the subject more! Definitely I road I want to take!

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