Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Just a note a normal rainy day in Mosside

I picked up a small chest infection and a cough just a month after arrival in September last year. It is still with me, making it less interesting to wake up each morning. Initially I thought it was stress and discomfort due to our location, I mean, after spending 45 years in the wilderness, hunting and fishing, suddenly not a tree in site, BUT, now when I am really getting to like and appreciate everything Mossideish, I think it probably is…the bloody weather! Today, is the grayest of days, a continuous drizzle…and I admire people here more then ever! Pam told me that a major part of students who come from not as wet and dark countries, suffer depression for the first few months. The weather is such a depressing factor, there´s no doubt about it and I bet, both cough and chest infection, will leave me once I go to a better climate. And, i am thinking about my neighbor Lee, who spends only 10 pounds a month on heating and electricity and spend most of his time in a damp darkness fully dressed. Extra ordinary resilience!

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