Explorer Mikael Strandberg

More time with a documentary

A bit of a rest from Dana for a few days, whilst her mum is looking after her. So I need to use those days for full time work! And I already know this England documentary will turn out both unique and make a difference to how we see England today. I have been to Sheffield for the Somalilanders call for independence, great experience! And I have set up contacts here in Moss Side, a place I like more by the day due to these exceptionally interesting and hardy people. I just came back from an interview with the headmaster at Eva´s school, which is such a good example of a very well integrated school.

There´s a lot of issues I need getting right because at times it is hard to do absolutely everything myself, from research to filming. So today i have tried out if the GoPro´s work well on chest and pram. And if Dana likes them, since she will be joining me heading to London!

My perception on what I want to do has changed quite a lot. Lars Säfström´s visit gave me perspective, no doubt! But from negative to very positive!

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