EXplorer Mikael Strandberg

Great sensitivity in Moss Side: Some are scared for the camera

David Roache have shown me around his Moss Side today with Maine Road as the center of the walk. Great day in every way. We have touched all sensitive and non-sensitive issues, but my small Canon xa-10 confuses some people who think I might work for the council or some government agency, possibly the police or from the unemployment bureau and some feel aggressively upset. this of course is not new for me, but David was surprised, but he is a tough Irish fella brought up in the hood, so not easily intimidated and he does stand up for himself and me! But there´s no doubt that there´s a lot of aggressiveness hidden below the surface still here in Moss Side. Below is one of such meetings today, but, I can fully understand that people worry for cameras due to everything which has happened.
I am really, really tired after a very eventful day, thanks David!


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