Probably the best interviews in Moss Side I have had so far

Less than a month to go and I haven´t slept a thing last night. To many unknowns and it is important not to make any serious mistakes. As always I have to follow my gut feeling to take the right decisions. because during this sleepless night I went through all needed kit, set up the Expedition laptop, which doesn´t include Office and start thinking about what is the most important when doing a positive and important documentary, it is joy. If there´s no joy, it just won´t be good.

I have also pretty much figured out the map issue. Bringing 1:25 000 maps or 1:50 000 maps would be very complicated, heavy and bulky, so i am hoping there is a solution based on the Iphone. And I have also realized that I will be quite heavy, so I need a very strong and helpful assistant. Still not sure there. two months and around 500 miles of walking, means 12-13 miles average a day, every day. And bringing Dana will even make it more hard work. More than ever, the right partner is of essence.

I have found it quite hard getting people to talk straight without coming across as politicians here in Moss Side. Luckily I ended up at Champs Gym last week with two great characters who really filled me in with a lot off stuff of importance. best so far. They´re extensive travelling did help! These two are British Boxing Champions many times over!

And I talked to one of the young boxers to be, who gave me this great interview!

I need to get Dana´s all gear now. The stroller seems to be on and most of my kit. My wife still needs to go to Malmö and pick up the rest of the kit!


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