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Gear review: Mountain Buggy Terrain

I have spent 28 years in exploration in one way or the other. I have gone through and tried a lot of equipment. I have worked as a brand ambassador for several brands and believe me when I say I know the difference between good and world class. One such item of it that I hail with no reservations as world class is the pram (stroller in the US) I used on Expedition England, the Mountain Buggy Terrain.

Just imagine this. We are talking about a pram. Me, my daughter Dana and our great partner Georgia walked 460 miles from Moss Side in Manchester to Buckingham Palace in London. We walked through a variety of terrain. Bogged down mud, gravel, high grass and many miles of different paved road. We carried my daughter in the pram. She weighs about 16 kg:s, I had all my camera kit strapped on the handle bar (20 kg), most of the time we carried heavy food in plastic bags strapped on the same handlebar, beneath the pram we had all Danas clothes, the Expedition medicine kit, spares and repair kit and other items…except a few punctures, absolutely no problems at all!

Let me just say, this is a world class item of kit! Honestly, I believed we would have a lot of problems due to the long journey and the heavy weight, but no. I am impressed by the pram. Yes, beyond words. It is really a durable, easy to put together and dissemble, sturdy pram with smart solutions. Knowing New Zealand and the Kiwis quite well, it doesn´t really surprise me. they´re world class in doing the best durable outdoor kit. This pram can be used absolutely everywhere.

And most important, it was comfortable enough for my daughter to spend many hours there everyday without showing any unhappiness.

All the extra kit, like rain cover, where also as good as it gets. Except the pump. Compared to the rest, it just wasn´t good enough, so for Expedition purposes, because I really hope this journey shows more parents that nothing is impossible and that we by this journey have started a new way to travel and explore!

As regards to punctures, they´re a nuisance, but after having cycled 2 times  around the globe, I am quite good at it and just bring a can of puncture seal liquid and you are ok!

10 points out of ten!



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