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Book Review: Sail To Svalbard By Jon Amtrup

Sail To Svalbard


Jon Amtrup

(Skagerak Förlag)

To Mikael,

Thanks For Giving Me A Glimpse Of Another World


Photo Copyright Jon Amtrup sailing outside Svalbard

I am getting more interested in sailing by the day. For many reasons. Swedish Polar History involves a fair amount of sailing. Like A.E Nordenskiölds North-East Passage with Vega. Otto Nordenskiölds Antarctica experience. Great stories. And much of the race to reach the North Pole involves sailing and the islands of Svalbard and Spitzbergen. So, when I discovered Jon Amtrup´s book Sail to Svalbard, which he dedicated to me in a way to nice manner, I started reading it with great interest. AND, this is not onl a book how to sail in the waters of these legendary islands, but includes how to equip a sail boat for such trips, how to handle polar bears and most of all, how to enjoy life!

Most of all, it is a book about Svalbard and full of great info, superb maps and details on what is needed for a visit outside Longyerbyen. There´s many good photos and it should be standard reading for anyone who wants to sail to Svalbard.

My only concern is the book size. it is more of a coffee table book right now and quite hard to bring on a journey which is not a non-sailing trip. And when getting off the boat to explore.

Jon himself is a great guy and very down to earth, which makes the book even more important and readable.

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Publisher: Explorer Mikael Strandberg

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